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So my project is finished! YA!

So excited. It actually worked out really really well! I used final cut to edit my project. It is a very difficult system to use if you have never used it before. I fortunately had my brother and a friend to help. I don’t know what I would have done without them!

I spent about eight hours editing this project. Which actually was not too bad for editing I have been told. I should have given myself some more time to edit because everything takes longer than you think.

Hope you enjoy


Technology meets Art              

I always thought that the process of creating art was inspirational.

In Tibetan, monks create great pieces of art with sand, in the end the artwork is destroyed.  Their reply is that the importance of creation is in the journey in creating something. I always enjoyed the road trip part of a vacation. I thought the journey in getting to the destination was the part the best part. One struggled, waits, has the feeling of anticipation; I like the journey. Which I feel is the same in art. I want to be able to see the artist’s journey. The struggle, the waiting and the anticipation of what will come.
I decided in order to capture the process I would film it. I used time-lapse photography. First I had to find a camera that could film in this way. After I needed to build a structure that could hold my camera. My dad and I built a large wooden stand that went on the edge of my drawing table. After my brother had the idea of incorporating angles into the piece. We then set up different placements we could set the camera. After came lighting. We needed to have adequate light to see the artwork, without shadows. We set up five lights. After I needed to pick and idea of subject matter. I wanted the end of my piece to be viewed with music. Therefore, I wanted my subject matter to represent the music. After all of these were gathered, I decided my medium and started to create.
I started by trailing it on a different art project. I was very pleased at the outcome.

Once I finish I will edit my piece on a Mac in the program of IMOVIE and then add music into the piece. I have only used this program once before so I am looking forwards to it. I am about seventy percent finished filming the piece. Then I will start editing. I will keep everyone posted on my discovery of editing.

This assignment has really opened up my ideas of artwork. I think I could use this process with students. It has a few really neat outcomes that occur. I have never added technology to any artwork before. It is really a neat way to view art work, it almost makes it into an installation piece. I now am buzzing with different ideas to incorporate technology with art. I really want to learn more about graphic design and creating art piece on the computer.

After I edit my piece I want to display it on You Tube. I am curious to see how many hits I will get.

I think this project teaches people a lot of great skills.

1.)    Technology can enhance ones artwork –
2.)    One can take an idea and create something bigger with it.
3.)    It can teach students the style that he/she goes through in order to create something.
I learned a lot about my style. While creating something I spend a lot of time looking at the piece and thinking about what I want to do next. I also move around a lot. Which is funny because my high school art teacher always would say to focus on an area and then move on. I never felt this was beneficial to my artwork development or fun! I always wanted to move around the piece.

I really enjoyed working on the project. I hope my process will be inspiring.
I Will keep everyone posted on my development

So I have had the pleasure in being able to social network. Thus learn from a whole bunch of different people. I was actually surprised at how I got into discussing with different people on so many amazing subjects. Below I have taken I few instances where there has been some amazing social learning! Please check it out!

Astrology!….. fact or fict? (still tech 8)


I don’t want to go all negative on you, but no one else has responded. Let’s accept for a second that the universe in general, and planets in particular, exert some sort of unseen force on the space around them. If that were true, then that force, just like gravity, heat, light and others, would have to follow the inverse-square ratio, meaning that as you got farther away from the planet/star/whatever, their influence would weaken rapidly. So even if there was a force, the distance between the planets and us (let alone the vast distances between the stars and us) would make it unlikely that the force would have any physical effect.

Again, not trying to be overly negative, but something to think about, anyway.

So I went onto Ian website where he wrote about the American election:

The *United* States? I don’t think so

While both Obama’s speech and McCain’s concession talked about the need to come together to heal the divide, I can’t help but think that American politics are more polarized today than ever before.  A comments thread on one of the major networks’ website had over 2000 comments, equally divided between “I’m so proud to be an American today,” and “He’s not my president.”  Some of this is turnabout for the left’s actions towards the Republican administration over the last eight years.  Said one commenter, “I’ll give him the same respect and allegiance the left gave Bush since 2000.”  Attitudes like that make it more likely, not less, that American politics will continue to be sharply divided.  It’s not helped by the “How do you like them apples?” attitude of some of the Democrat commenters.  Some comments, however, were of a different tone altogether.  What do you say to something like this:

There once was a country in dire straights.  Having fought wars abroad that other nations were calling wars of conquest, the country had little political capital on the international scene.  To add to the woes, a worldwide financial crisis meant that the country’s economy was down the toilet.  When it came time to elect a new leader, the people chose a young man who was a brilliant orator but an untested, inexperienced politician who had promised to restore the land to its former glory if only the people would work together and follow him.  The country?  Germany.  The man?  Adolf Hitler.

The level of discourse in American politics is at an all-time high for divisiveness.  And while I think that McCain would probably have been a better choice for the US (I think, like Cam, that Obama simply has a better record speaking than acting) – a position that will probably horrify most of my fellow Canadians – I’m not of the opinion, as some American commenters are, that an Obama presidency is the end of the USA as they know it.

The most worrisome thing for me in this whole election is now the media will be congratulating themselves on getting their man in, which makes it all the more likely that the reporting will be even more biased next election cycle, whether that’s still for Obama, or whether they’ve moved on to some other candidate.  They’re now convinced of their power to affect the outcome of the election, and rather than use this perceived power more judiciously in the future, the likelihood is that they will be more bold in their attempts to put their candidate in the White House.

United they stand?  We’ll see…

I had to say something – my response


So I came on your site to reply to your comment about astrology. I think your response interesting Yet, lacking. Pretty much you say that because we are further away the powers that the Universe may have on us would be unseen.
Sure.. but I find in my life there is too much proof to say we are more connected to the universe, to the world then we can even understand. Thank you for commentating. I felt like I need to comment on this blog you wrote on the USA election.

So I love the quote as well. I think it is really interesting to present Adolf Hitler in a light that represents him as a savior to the people. That is exactly what the Germany people needed and wanted. Someone that would help them. He had a very different idea of how he wanted to help. Therefore I feel like the quote is trying to imply that a person that sounds good on paper may not be good in real life. I don’t understand how this can apply to another person. My dad is also very skeptical about this election. Mostly because he was burned in the past by a politician
who promise change and ended up putting my province into major debt.

I think it is sad. My dad can not forgive being hoodwinked. He feels like he was taking by someone he believe in. I think it is sad.
Forgiveness. When someone is able to forgive fully they are free. People will hurt people, and that is just the way things are. People will make mistakes. But those mistakes are beautiful, that is how we learn. Without people like Hitler, we would not have learned how wrong acting in that way is. I think this has happened in the past. This is what you are saying by explaining this quote. Someone in the past has promise this, and look what he did. So therefore the next person who promises this might do that. So pretty much we should do nothing because that way we never have to be let down, or hurt?

Don’t you want to believe that there is someone that wants to help. Who loves more deeply for people. Who truly wants better for people.

That belief is what keeps people going. Why do you think their is Religion, faith? It is because people desperately want to believe.
It is the belief of good that keeps us going. Why do people go to school, do tests, take classes, work jobs, clean their house? Because it is the hope that doing this will bring happiness. That feeling is what keeps people living.

Don’t you want that belief?

In this blog it seems like you think people are just saying “na na na na nah naaaa” or “how’d you like them apples.” This is what you are focusing on? The few people who YOU think are rubbing it in your face? I think you might be missing it, no one is congratulating getting THEIR man. PEOPLE ARE HAPPY. they are congratulating the world on finally realizing we need one another.

Think about it? For all races. He is the beginning of the end of this division of races. (This doesn’t mean that racism is going to go poof. but it is another step in the this direction.)

Julie (a different bloger) blogged this response

  1. I agree on all points. Excellent quote. I’ve been wondering for months how a great speech giver turns into the leader of the free world.

This is my response to Julie


What people need is hope. Hope. This is More MOOORE important that what he may or may not do. He is just one person. What people need is to help one another. What Obama represents is hope that there is a better world. Him by himself will not change anything.BUT What he changes is how people will change for him. He has just given hope to millions of people. People who never imagined being, doing anything.

He has just sent a HUGE boost of morale to the USA. which filters to so many other countries, and people.

Hope is what drives people to be better.

Alli (bloger) responded to the entire debate

I strongly agree with Dana who commented on the US blog. I think pollitics can be dirty and unneccessarily nastey or inmature at times on BOTH side. However, I also thing change and the beliefe in change is beutiful.

PS. if you dont like the liberal media change the channel – try fox Wink the exact sam arguement could be made for the concervative media.

Ian last response

  1. First, the quote: I don’t agree with it. Well, I mean it’s historically accurate, but the attempt to paint Obama in the same light as Hitler is doomed to backfire.

    Second, astrology: Anecdotes are not the same thing as proof. There is a standing $1,000,000 (that’s one million dollars) prize for anyone who can prove psychic powers or other supernatural phenomena. In 10 years, no one’s won the prize. It’s actually been around in various forms since 1964, so more than 40 years of attempts at the prize have all resulted in failure. I suggest you read this page on why astrology cannot actually predict what it purports to predict. I stand by my assertion that any force exerted by planets and stars would be subject the inverse-square ratio, meaning that if they actually affected us, the energy fields would have to be enormous enough to be measured by conventional scientific methods. If they are not large enough to show up on normal science instruments, I submit that they are not strong enough to have any kind of influence on people.

    Third, the tone of the American political campaign: I don’t think you’ll find many people who would argue that this presidential campaign has been one of the meanest, dirtiest campaigns in recent memory, from the allegations of Obama being a Muslim, to the rumours that Sarah Palin’s infant son was in fact her daughter’s. The tone after the election was largely the same – folks on the left saying “Finally the retards are not running the country any more.” Folks on the right (including, to his eternal shame, Dr. James Dobson) saying an Obama presidency will result in the ruin of the ideal of the USA. There are people on both sides who are being more restrained, but their voices are lost in the cacophony from the hard left and the hard right. And it will be up to these middle moderates to join together to rebuild the US if they have a hope of coming out of this in decent shape.

    Finally, media bias: If you don’t think the media were rooting for Obama, you should read this article I linked to last week on the slanted coverage this election.

I decided not to write back to Ian. I did not want to argue. I find it takes a lot out of me and I just want people to be happy.

Interesting though I was able to do that – have a deep discussion with four different people I did not know; all through blogging. pretty neat.

Some other social net:

Peoples responses on my blog -Art News

  1. I could make it myself why would I even pay $5? Haha great post!

  2. I’ve heard about that story with painting before. I feel bad for the person who owned it before and sold it for $5. Its one of those pieces of art that is defined as art by the art world. Sure it shows different art techniques but honestly I think most people could create a painting similar to that and it definitely would not sell for 50 million. I do like the look of splatter paint but not enough that I would ever want one displayed in my house, well maybe on my fridge once my niece is old enough to paint. Looks like an interesting site, thanks for sharing!

Comments on Cool Stew
  1. ah! thats really cool haha i want to try it! brit must just be brilliant to have figured that one out! haha its crazy what some people decide to just make a video of and put on youtube, and its crazier how people seem to find these amazing videos haha! go youtube

I also learned about how to make your life easier with a priority check list. It was to explain how to organize your life with figuring out what was most important. I have not used but I definiatlly want to.
I also learned about breaking up with boyfriends and how difficult it can be. I gave some advice to this blog. I also learned that most people in Regina don’t really like the snow, I gave some really good feedback on why summer was great but how to enjoy winter.
When I did write a comment or create a blog I spent a lot of time and energy to create something that was interesting to my readers. I spent time thinking of good responses to others.
If I had more time I would have like to spend more time doing this, I think I would give myself a 13 out of 15.
THANXS everyone for teaching and learning from one another!

I mentored with Sargents Math Zone and Sandi Kerney grade 6 classroom. I would always sent a posts to Sandi Kerney’s classroom. I really liked writing to her students. In the beginning I wrote to them more. I gave them different good deed tasks and gave advice on what to do in school. I wrote blogs on my web page to introduce myself to both my mentoring groups. I wrote a bit about myself and added images to go through.

I have to admit I did not blog for Sargents Math Zone that often. Mostly because the blog space was for assignments. Math assignments. I am not a math student and I felt just awkward bloging my feelings on their math assignment. It just was not the space to mentor. I think it was more so teacher and student could put their homework up.

I would give myself a 7 on this mentoring because I did try. I created a great introduction page, where  I found an image of a funny math comic strip!

In Sandi’s Kerney’s room I felt I blog quite a lot to the students. One student in particular I had a few really good blogs with her.

This is a few blogs with a girl named Katie in Sandi Kerney’s classroom

HELLo Katie!! Your personality is just splashed onto your webpage! It looks amazing. Good job! I love the colours.
Do you like art, because it seems to me you have a real eye for design. You should search on google games and design. I bet you can find some really fun stuff.
Until NExt time. Your mission:
Do something really nice for your best friend!

katiema | |

Cool Pic!! that is such a cool pic did you draw it or did you get from somewhere because if you drew it or got it its very creative!! Homework? do you have hours long of homework how many years to university of law school? i would love to be a lawyer when I grow up its seems soooooooo cool or a teacher or as CSI Forensic scientist or a fashion designer when you were a kid how many times did you change your mind before you decided what you wanted to be? Soo far ive been through like 15 thousand but I am still glad about everything i choose because that means if I don’t succeed on one then I can try again and a again doo so many thing well yes i am very talkative O yaw I might of told I took my babysitting course and passed!!!! YAAAAAAA


Yours till the baby sits

on November 14, 2008 at 2:02 PM

Hey hun,
Well you have a lot of questions running around that head of yours!
Well, I did not draw that. However I appreciate all artists and so I really like to display other peoples work. I agree that image is really creative. That’s what I love about art, it allows you to be so creative!
Okay, Yes University can be difficult but the truth is I bet when you were in grade one and saw what the grade six’s were doing it looked difficult. BUT now what the are a grade six the work is not too bad.
That’s what University is like, its not too bad. I love it. I think it is fun!
When I was your age I probably changed my mind about what I wanted to do maybe a thousand times a day! Haha. and thats iS OKAY!
I still change my mind all of the time. I think that’s a good thing. My best advice is start do the thing that you enjoy the most. Regardless of anything else.
I love your blog! Keep up the hard work

I realized something about my style of blogging. I might not have blogged a lot but I really put in a lot of thought and effort into the blogs I wrote to these students.

I think I deserve an 8 for this blog.

Okay so now I have spent 3 hours today and about 2 other hours trying to get a podcast on to my website.
this is something I don’t like about technology is how much little information there is to figure out. I also have a mac and am noticing how much it is difficult to get programs on it. Frustrating I tell ya!

well… What will my classroom look like?

My ideal classroom would be filled with information. In order to create art you need stimulants. This is where the large web will come in handy. Using computers can be a great way to find information. I think it would be great to have each student set up with a blog. They could respond different artists, plays, performances etc. They could find interesting websites. Blog between one another. I think blogging is a great way to have a voice. It allows you to have say. Which is what people really want and need. I think this would work really well in my classroom.

I also think it would be really great to have an own line portfolio. The idea would be that students could scan all their artwork and enter it into an online portfolio (Through power point or another program). This way students could view what they have created, their progress over the course of the year. Parents can easily see what they have created. etc.

I also would like learn more about the wiki tools and google tools. I think they have a lot of really interesting information and useful tools. I would like to learn more about all of these.

I will use technology in my class room because this is the way our future is heading. I will always keep a balance.

You are Positive                                      

You will find him

keep the creativity alive

thank you

You are kind

Okay So I think a huge problem in the school system right now is grammer. (funny I spelt the grammar that way the first time. seriously.) I went through Regina’s school system. Dominic and Leboldus…. Good schools right. Yet I really think school let me get through with about a 60% knowledge of grammar. Now in my adult life I pay for it. The uncertain knowledge on proper use of the semi colon, unsure if it actually works in that spot of the paragraph; I think it does, Am I wrong?

This is the problem! I remember that I was not even told about when to use quotations. I kept waiting for them to teach me. I wanted to write! How many people still don’t know what an adverb is. “I think its something with ly? “…… That’s because this is how the taught a grade 5..

An adverb can modify a verb, an adjective, another adverb, a phrase, or a clause. An adverb indicates manner, time, place, cause, or degree and answers questions such as “how,” “when,” “where,” “how much”.

While some adverbs can be identified by their characteristic “ly” suffix, most of them must be identified by untangling the grammatical relationships within the sentence or clause as a whole. Unlike an adjective, an adverb can be found in various places within the sentence.

As a grade 17 I still don’t want to learn what the means. Just reading it annoyed me and annoyed you too probably.

Memory of Grammar lessons

1.) A book like 7 by 7 tiny. tiny writing. Questions. Do pages 1-10, etc…Who would do it?

2.) The stupid Sentence on the board…. this doen’t work. Teachers change it up.

Enough rant. lets fix it

So what I purpose is something different-  Lets actually explore the reason why students don’t learn by this methods

– its is not fun

– hard to remember

okay so we take those out of the equation then. -make it fun, figure out ways to remember

-Mad libs- Yes we all put dirty words in the slots, But we also figured out what a noun was because of this ingenious game. First kids actually do it for fun. Second I think that’s probably how I remmeber.

-This website I found  on grammar

Ad verb
Ad jective describes the noun
Adverb- describes the verb..

That’s all I got

Google map of MY LIFE!

So i found that google maps was a really good idea. I found it took me a few minutes to work it out once I figured out how to use it I was able to make my map.
I really got annoyed when I tried to put more placements but it would let me actually let me put what they were about. The bubble for explanation went away.
So that was frustrating but I’m sure If I spent more time I would have figured it out better..
REally great tool though!


Do you believe in the possible that the stars and sun up there determine your life… I do

“Astrologers watch the movement of planets through the heavens, which form and release connections with each other in a cosmic square dance. We can’t change the energy, but we can become aware of it and dance with the beat rather than against it. Astrological awareness is not a scary prediction of good or bad events to come. It is simply another piece of information you can use to make sense of things.” Molly Cliborne

So I decided to find a blog on astrology. Lately I have become completely fascinated with it. Personally it makes so much sense that the stars, moon, planets sun would have an impact that is unseen on our world. Just think about the Tide. or how the moon makes people slightly crazy…. I really believe there is a reason astrology is found through the Pre-Historic Times, Greek And Roman and Re-Appeared In Western Europe

So I found Molly Cliborne blog on astrology and I just think it is an excellent source of knowledge. The first blog was all about Saturn opposite to Uranus. I research a bit more on this subject and
“Saturn opposite Uranus happens every 40 years or so. It is a culmination of a cycle that begins when Saturn conjoins Uranus. This year’s opposition is the culmination of the Saturn Uranus cycle that began in 1988. Last time we saw Saturn opposite Uranus was in the mid 1960s.

So I researched Saturn opposite Uranus and I found this blog astrologychick which is a really interesting source of information as well!

On this blog she discusses the interesting development of the (USA) election date being on the precise date of Saturn opposite Uranus date.
“The old Guard (Saturn) is pitted against the New Guard and nobody will give an inch. More than any other aspect present at this time this one is a sign of more trouble in already troubled waters.”

Anyway I think it is really neat and exciting!

Here is a little information on the Sun and its origin. (It is not meant to offend anyones religion beliefs) It can be a bit shocking and will pretty much blow your mind.

enjoy 😀

(if this interests you check out zeitgets (sp unsure) its a documentary based on these ideas.